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Sown is for you, it's for me, and it's for all of us who are looking for more in our homes: more friends, more courage, more to do, more challenge, more comfort, more camaraderie. 

As a roving journalism intern, I continually encountered surprise when people found out I knew approximately zero people in whichever new state I'd moved to. "You don't know anyone here?" They'd exclaim. "I could never do that!" Now that I'm living full time in a new place, this is my attempt to show you (and me) how. 

Join me in your inbox every so often on a Sunday evening, where we'll dive into the weeds of making friends in adulthood, sowing roots in your community, connecting with other power people, and owning your life. If you're not sure yet, check out the editorial guidelines.

Have a suggestion for how to make friends as an adult? Idea for a Q&A? Want a friend to chat with? My inbox is open: newsbyschmidt at gmail dot com.